A Hot Springs spectacular view of the majestic Hibiki Gorge

A hot spring offering a spectacular view of the majestic Hibiki Gorge

The clear air of the morning, the panoramic view of the Hibiki Gorge unfolding in front of you, the sight of the morning mist quietly passing between the mountains, and the magical moment at sunset make you feel as if you are in another world. Enjoy a moment of complete purification as you lie on the long bench in the bath and let your body be enveloped by the comfortable hot water.

How to enjoy Hot Springs


Please wash your body before entering the bathtub.
Before entering the bathtub, be sure to wash your whole body to remove dirt.


Please pour the hot water on yourself before entering the hot spring. Pour the hot water from the ends of your body (hands and feet), and move gradually upwards to your head so as to acclimatize yourself to the temperature of the hot bath water.


Start with a half-body bath.
Gently enter the bathtub and start with a "half-body bath".
Gradually soak your body up to your shoulders in the hot water for the "full body bath".
It is recommended that you allow your body to float in the water and move your limbs to improve blood circulation.


If you start to sweat, please get out of the bath.
Get out of the bath when your forehead becomes sweaty.
To maintain the effects of the hot bath, do not wash your body after getting out of the bath.

Things to note when bathing

Even if the spring water is hot, please do not dilute it with water.

Do not put towels in the bathtub.

Guests with tattoos are not allowed to enter the hot spring baths.

You cannot put on swimwear.

Avoid bathing immediately after eating or drinking alcohol.

Bundle up your long hair and keep it out of the bathtub.

Infants who are still in need of wearing diapers cannot enter the bath.

To avoid dizziness caused by prolonged hot baths, please limit the number of bathing times to no more than 3 times a day.

Do not run around on the slippery floor, swim in the bathtub, or jump into the bathtub.

Don't talk loudly or make noise.

Put a cold towel on your head while bathing to prevent hot flashes.

After bathing, please wipe your body before going to the dressing room.

After taking a bath, replenish the water loss from your body by drinking a sufficient amount of water and rest well.

You can enjoy two types of hot springs i.e. "Ryokuho" and "Aojiku".
From the large public bath and sleeping bath, you can enjoy the superb view of the magnificent Hibiki Gorge.

The sleeping bath is only available in Ryokuho. (Depending on the time of the day, entry to Ryokuho and Aojiku for men and women are interchangeable)

Sleeping bath / Large communal bathSleeping bath /
Large communal bath

Sleeping bath

You can also see the Hibiki Gorge from the spacious large public bath, which have high ceilings and open windows. Outside the large public bath, there are open air baths in both Ryokuho and Aojiku. Please feel the nature of Oyama at this open space.

Large communal bath

At the large public bath, there are also a high temperature sauna, a water bath, and a tepid bath.


Stone bed bath
(Low temperature sauna)

Open Air Bath

Stone bed bath
(Low temperature sauna)

You can work up a sweat leisurely so as to refresh yourself.
As it is not too hot, you can relax without having to feel the suffocation and discomfort of a hot sauna. The room temperature of the stone bed bath is 42 to 43 ℃ and the humidity is 25%.

What is the secret of
ceramic balls

The interior of the stone bed bath is paved with crushed mineral-rich ores made of deposits of marine plants from thousands of years ago which are molded into a ball shape.What is the secret of the ceramic ballsFar infrared rays are emitted by slowly warming this with a heating pipe under the floor which generates negative ions. By spending about 30 to 40 minutes, your entire body will sweat which boosts the discharge of waste substances.

about the hot spring

Bathing timeOvernight guests
6:00~9:00 / 10:00~11:00 / 15:00~24:00
Day trip customers From 11:00 to 15:00(14:30 Final reception)
Usage feeOvernight guests Free
Day trip customers
Bathing only: Weekdays 600 yen / Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 800 yen
Stone bed bath: Additional 500 yen
Group customers(15 or more people)
200 yen discount on Bathing fee
Hot Spring QualitiesSimple hot spring
EfficacyAutonomic instability, insomnia, depression, chronic pain or stiffness in muscles or joints, muscle stiffness in motor paralysis, coldness, peripheral circulatory disorders, gastrointestinal function decline, mild hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes) , mild hypercholesterolemia, mild asthma or emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, symptoms due to stress, post-illness convalescence, fatigue recovery, health promotion

guests only
Private hot spring

There are 3 types of private hot springs within the premises that are exclusively for hotel guests featuring a cypress bathtub, a rock bathtub, and a stone bathtub.

Usage feeOne time (90 minutes) 1,000 yen (Tax excluded)Private hot springs for overnight guests only You can spend a leisurely time with your family including those with young children.