List of facilities

Asamoya Terrace

The terrace connected from the restaurant “Shiro Kaga” offers one of the best views in the building. You can enjoy dessert and coffee after breakfast while watching the ever-changing scenery of the morning mist and the valley in front of you. There is such a scene that makes you feel as if you can open up your mind and look at it for as long as you wish.

LocationInside the restaurant “Shiro Kaga”
Usage timeBreakfast time

Lounge Fuji Goro

This lounge is exclusively for guests staying at the hotel. You can relax freely by engaging in activities such as reading a book. At night, it turns into a bar offering mainly plum wine. There is a morning coffee service available in the morning.

Usage time7:00 to 11:00 Morning Coffee Service
20:00 to 23:00 Plum Wine bar

Cigar room

Smoking is prohibited within the building. Please use the cigar room when you smoke. On the wall is a display of a nostalgic commemorative tobacco package associated with Hita.
*There is no vending machine

Kids room

The playground equipment such as wooden slides and swings has a pleasant scent and feel, and due consideration is also applied in the materials of the walls and floor so that small children can play here comfortably and safely. There are also picture books so you can relax with your child.

*Although we take due consideration in safety matters, there may be instances where we may not be liable for such as accidents arising between customers. Please use it safely while keeping an eye on your child.

Gallery Oyama(Outside the building)

Isayama Hajime, the creator of the worldwide renowned and popular "Attack on Titan", comes from Oyama in Oita Prefecture. Opening hours
We are exhibiting related items.

Usage timeFrom 9:00 to 17:00
(free entrance)