Fully enjoy dishes
that make both your physical and mental health

At Umehibiki, we try to serve dishes that are good for your body and mind.
Japan, Pickled Plum is said to be food that does not require a doctor.
First of all, please enjoy
our Apéritif of Plum Wine.

We prepare dishes of the season
with local ingredients.

At Umehibiki, we will carefully and heartily serve each item based on the rich ingredients of Kyushu carefully selected by the head chef.


A chef's Kaiseki Meal that uses the seasonal ingredients selected
by the head chef and is friendly to the mind and body.
Enjoy the beautiful four seasons of Japan by using the table as the campus.

*Guests staying consecutively will have the same amount of "head chef's creative Kaiseki Meal" from the second day onwards.
*Dining let us know at the time of booking if you have any Dining allergies.

Wagyu that
got the best of Japan

Enjoy Bungo Beef of local Wagyu, with rich flavor and delicate grilled marbled Beef, and the texture when you put it in your mouth.

Child menu

We also have a menu for children.For primary school children, we will prepare the same dishes as adult or "Kids Kaiseki Meal". We also have a "Children's Lunch" for infants.

Aperitif & Drink

Enjoy local sake on your travel.
Ume Liqueur Yumehibiki

Please drink to compare two kinds of Plum Wine (1 year, 3 years), which was brewed in the "plum Sakagura (brewery) which houses to Umehibiki.For the customers who are not good at alcohol , we will provide ripe plum Juice, etc.


You can fully recharge your daily energy with various dishes that are simple yet well-developed by using ingredients and rice cooked in a pot that you can enjoy even "Burnt Rice".We also have freshly steamed soba buns and plum soba buns.

A luxurious time only after breakfast

After breakfast, enjoy seasonal herb tea with Fresh herbs from Oyama. Please enjoy on the "Asamoya Terrace" while admiring the superb view.


*Breakfast is served in the indoor breakfast room.
*You can only eat and drink the dessert and drinks offered on this terrace.